Predator  Trapping, Bird Control  & Wildlife Removal.

In  Green Country Tulsa Bixby Broken ArrowIf your Green Country is becoming

Wildlife Out Of Control  Country

Give Leon Melton , Green Country Wildlife Specialist a call.      918 869 0489

Green Country Termite Specialist: Wood infestations, monitoring stations, inspections and pretreatments.

Green Country Lawn Service

Call about our low monthly fees to take care of all problems: moles and gophers, Pest control, Termite inspections, wasp control, wildlife control, rat & mice control, lawn spraying,bird control, etc.


The wildlife here in the Green Country of Oklahoma seem  to have their own way and that’s where we come in .  We fix conflicts between Man vs Bird and Man vs Beast and have been for nearly 30 years right here in the Green Country!  Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Muskogee, Wagoner County, Muskogee County, Tulsa County

Predator Control Tulsa Bixby Jenks Oklahoma

Some of our unique specialties involve predator control for Hunting Clubs and Land Preserves. We have improved the hunting by taking away the coyotes who studies have proven eat ScannedImage015 - Copy86% of the fawns in Oklahoma.  Coyote predation drastically reduces the numbers of big bucks and we have references available if you want to hear first hand how we can improve hunting on your lands.

Opossom , Skunk and Raccoon are big predators of Turkey and Quail eggs. The Turkey species Eastern Turkey, Meriam Turkey and Goulds Turkeys in addition to the  are all found here in Oklahoma. Both the New world quail and the northern bobwhite quail are found here in Oklahoma. To make matters worse the bobcats, fox, raccoon, and coyotes eat the hatchings. By simply adding on site predator control we can bring your game bird flocks  flock up by a remarkable amount .


Bird Control Tulsa 

We know birds. We know how to stop bird problems. We are a professional bird control company serving all of the Green Country including all of :

Tulsa CountyBixby, Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Glenpool, Jenks, Liberty, Owasso, Sand Springs and Tulsa.

Osage County, Pawnee County, Creek County, Okmulgee County, Muskogee County, Wagoner County, Rogers County, Mayes County, Washington County, Oklahoma, and other nearby counties. 

We prevent remove and control birds of all sizes including the smallest house sparrows to the very large Canada Goose and Muskovy Duck. We offer effective bird control methods and techniques for Buzzards,  Crows, Starlings, Blackbirds, Grackles, Turkey Vultures,  and Pigeons. Yes we do it all Bird Barrier , Bird X, Bird spikes, Bird netting, Bird harassment, bird deterrents and lethal bird control techniques. We are a licensed pest control company and can offer any and all methods available to any Oklahoma Pest Control Company!


Wildlife Removal Tulsa 

We are not just  just wildlife trapping  because we solve nuisance wildlife problems and conflicts between the Animal Kingdom and mankind !

When you pick up your phone and call for a wildlife inspection  we are going to go right to work and solve why you have a wildlife problem in the first place. All birds, animals, critters and varmints need three things to survive

  • Food Source
  • Water Source
  • Shelter

We also remove, trap, control :

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Wildlife Removal Bixby Broken Arrow Jenks

Homeowners end up finding out they have been providing shelter to wildlife and usually this list includes raccoon’s, opossums, bats and rodents (squirrels, rats and mice) . One or even more then one  species are  possible to live together in larger attics . Wildlife also occupy garages,attics, basements,  crawlspaces, fireplaces, under porches, wood burning stoves, and chimneys.

Water Trapping

Semi aquatic mammals also cause problems and damage to rural, agricultural, commercial , municipal, industrial  and residential facilities. The American Beaver causes millions of dollars in damage to roads, right of ways and bridges  every year in several states across the USA.   Muskrat and Nutria also take their toll on plants and vegetation near wetlands all over Oklahoma. Northern River Otter have been known to cause predation on domestic fish farms  by you supplying the food source fish and them finding shelter nearby and have large families because you are the one feeding them. We trap , remove, control and prevent animal damage caused by Beaver, Otter, Nutria and Otters.

Animal Damage Repair Near Tulsa County, Oklahoma

We are  animal damage repair company which means our regular work involves being a house mechanic with multiple skills in  both wood  working and metal working. We use the best materials and you will love our handiwork because we don’t offer a quick fix but the final solution including the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Attic Cleanup’s After Bat , Bird or Animal Damage

If you are concerned  about animal droppings, animal feces, or animal poop, bird droppings, bird poop and bat droppings and bat guano in your home we offer full attic restoration services. We get the critter out. We keep the critter out by making improvements to your home to prevent their re-entry. We clean up the affected areas removing attic insulation, animal latrine area cleaned and sanitized, treat  for a possible insect invasion, then disinfect the affected area and if need be bring in a electrician to make sure your electrical wiring is safe from gnawing and chewing by your unwanted guests. We follow this all up by re installing the insulation to code or better. We can even help you save in Winter heating and Summer air conditioning costs.

Green Country Wildlife Removal

Counties We Service
Tulsa, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Wagoner, Creek, all surrounding counties
Cities We Service
Tulsa, Bixby, Owasso, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, and all surrounding cities
What professional services does your company provide?
Animal Removal, Animal Damage Repair, Attic Cleanup, Armadillo Removal, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Beaver Trapping, General House Pest Control, Raccoon Removal, Rodent Removal [Rats, Mice, Squirrels], Odorless Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, Wildlife Removal
Beaver Trapper, Coyote Trapper, Predator Control,  Raccoon’s In Attics, Squirrels in Walls, Pigeons In Attics, Pigeons on Billboard Signs, Bats In Attics, Birds in Homes

Professional Pest Control services including beaver control, raccoon control, snake control, predator control, rodent control, live bee removal, attic restoration, fecal removal, deodorizing, dead animal removal.

918 869 0489


If your Green Country is becoming ” Wildlife Out Of Control  Country “

Give Leon Melton , Green Country Wildlife Specialist a call.

Specializing in the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from your property, home, or business.
We specialize in commercial and industrial sites. We are a one stop shop service.

Don’t call another  pest control company when you need professional removal of: Armadillos, Beavers, Bees, Birds, Bobcats, Coyotes, Red Foxes, Gray Foxes, Muskrat, Nutria, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoon’s, Snakes, Striped Skunks, Gray Squirrels
Bird Control Canada Geese Pigeons  Sparrows Starlings.



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