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 Green Country Pest Control

English: brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A....Got problems with pests? Is your property is infested with fire ants, brown recluse spiders, black widows, scorpions, roaches and other creepy crawling  little critters, call a Green Country Pest Control Specialist.

Proudly serving Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta,Jenks, Owasso Tulsa, Sand Springs, Muskogee, Fort Gibson,Okmulgee and all surrounding cities.

This Tulsa pest control company provides quality pest control services to Commercial and Industrial property in the total managment of all pests those with backbones (bats, birds and animals) and also those that don’t like insects, ants, roaches, flies, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes,  and TERMITES.

Green Country Termite Specialist: wood infestations,inspections,monitoring stations and Pre-Treatments.


Ant Control 

Description: This image shows a Carpenter ant ...

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants invade and move into many Oklahoma homes every year to eat and destroy wood.  Many folks do not even realize they even have a carpenter ant problem until they begin seeing large ants usually large black ants  between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch in size around their homes.

House Ant Control

We specialize in green pest control and safe alternatives to pesticides. We use baits to exterminate and eliminate large black ant colonies of carpenter ants. We don’t drill holes in walls and we don’t use anything smelly chemicals . Infact, when we service your home we are so clean and odor free you will be glad you called us.

We also treat for any other ants that may enter your home. Please call us for ant extermination services.




Mice Rat  Squirrel Control  


English: Rat

We offer custom rodent removal services tailored to your own needs and budget. We trap mice, rats , squirrels and keep these rodents out of your home and attic.  Ask us about making repairs to your home or business to reduce the entry’s these rodents have access to.  We trap the squirrels, we put bait stations out for the rats and mice and use construction materials that rodents – rats, mice and squirrels won’t or can’t chew threw.


Cockroach Control  

We use safe, odor free baits to prevent remove any cockroach pests in your home or commercial business.

Spider Control  

Spiders remarkably are a sign of another pest problem because spiders eat insects and will put their webs where they believe they can catch bugs. The problem is the nasty mess these insect predators leave around your home . We have many options of spider pest control solutions from removing the offending spider and spider web, application of a safe pesticide to the employment of misting systems where severe spider problems repeatedly occur.

We specialize in the removal , prevention and control of  Brown Recluse Spider , Black Widow Spider and the Aggressive House Spider.

For more on What You Need To Know About Spiders and Spider Bites

Sting Insect Removal  

We will remove any wasp, hornet or bees nest most anywhere in the Green Country of Oklahoma . We can treat and prevent the re-occurance of any stinging insect by stopping these stinging insects from starting nests anywhere around your home including, behind  shutters, eaves, under decks, etc.