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Some of our unique specialties involve predator control for Hunting Clubs and Land Preserves. We have improved the hunting by taking away the coyotes who studies have proven eat 86% of the fawns in Oklahoma. Coyote predation drastically reduces the numbers of big bucks and we have references available if you want to hear first hand how we can improve hunting on your lands.


We specialize in Commercial and industrial sites

Opossom , Skunk and Raccoon are big predators of Turkey and Quail eggs. The Turkey species Eastern Turkey, Meriam Turkey and Goulds Turkeys in addition to the are all found here in Oklahoma. Both the New world quail and the northern bobwhite quail are found here in Oklahoma. To make matters worse the bobcats, fox, raccoon, and coyotes eat the hatchings. By simply adding on site predator control we can bring your game bird flocks flock up by a remarkable amount.

Bobcat – Bobcats occassionally prey on sheep, goats, deer, and pronghorns; however, they more commonly kill smaller animals such as porcupines, poultry, rabbits, rodents, birds, and house cats.

Coyote – Coyotes are the most common and most serious predator of livestock in the United States. They prey on big game, livestock, rodents, wild birds, and poultry. This breed of canine, has no natural predator other than themselves.

Fox – The fox, gray or red fox basically prey on smaller mammals rodents, bird hatchings, wild birds but also can cause signifigant damage to livestock or poultry operations.

Opossom – Opossums will prey on small rodents, baby birds or unhatched eggs and insects.

Raccoon – Raccoon’s prey on the young of many mammals, reptiles, lizards , rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels and both domesticated and wild birds and often prey on nesting areas.

Skunk – Skunks eat the eggs and young of ground nesting birds. Skunks may also damage vegetable gardens, kill and eat domestic poultry and their eggs. Occasionally they may damage beehives while trying to feed on the bees.The skunk is a predator to many small creatures, such as insects, rodents,mice, rats, squirrels, lizards, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, worms, and salamanders.

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