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Green Country Skunk Removal

Skunks are not just predators of bird, reptile, and turtle eggs but a very common nuisance animal found here in the Green Country. Common throughout Oklahoma’s cities, skunks can at anytime become a problem in almost any Tulsa home. Skunks are easily identified by their two white strips running down there black fur. Skunks often seek shelter in sheds, crawl spaces, garages, and under decks or your house if possible.

Skunks are omnivores, generally eating grubs, mice, insects, and eggs, but sometimes they will eat bird food from feeders, or garbage not tightly shut. Another reason skunks can be a problem is the foul smelling liquid, a glandular secretion, they are able spray. If a skunk is living in or around your home and they spray this liquid, the smell will be very potent and noticeable. The last problem with skunks is their chances of carrying rabies. A large amount of these animals do carry the disease, so be careful if you encounter a skunk.


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